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Life Insurance Awareness Month

Life Insurance Awareness Month
Many Americans Realize that Life Insurance is Necessary to Protect the people they love, Some people fail to realize that Life Insurance can also protect their Legacy and Finances Too. Which is why we dedicate September as Life Insurance Awareness Month. This is a good time to evaluate your needs and learn about how life insurance can benefit you, your family and your legacy.
Despite the reality that folks typically recognize the value of life insurance, LIMRA confirms that 46% of Americans are uninsured and even more people don't have sufficient protection. Before the pandemic, almost 1 in 3 families said they'd face monetary challenges inside a month if the primary wage earner died.

Benefits of Life Insurance

     Life Insurance is essential to a healthy financial future. It not only helps to hedge against losses your loved ones could experience due to unforeseen circumstances; a good life insurance strategy can also help you with your retirement needs; before the advent of 401k’s life insurance was an integral part of a family's retirement planning. A lot of Life Insurance Policies build cash value, so not only are you protecting your family’s financial future, you are also building your own nest egg.

It is important to consider ongoing financial obligations, month to month bills, outstanding debts, day care costs, tuitions, other costs related to supporting your loved ones, retirement plans, etc. when evaluating whether you need a solid life insurance strategy. Now think about whether your family would be able to meet those financial obligations without your support. If the answer is NO, and you realize there will be a deficit you really do need Life Insurance.

It isn’t surprising to know that the answer to the above questions for most people who have someone relying on them is they ought to have Life Insurance. The quantity of coverage you will require will vary in relation to how many others are relying one you, with that in mind the calculations for how much you need can be complicated. Which is why consulting with a certified Life Insurance Expert is highly recommended..

The Importance of Consulting a Life Insurance Agent

Life insurance does help protect your family from lost revenue, provide funds for outstanding bills and even cover your taxes in the event of your dying. Understandably, many of us don’t want to dwell on what could happen when we are gone. This is why Life Insurance Awareness Month (or LIAM as it is commonly referred to) is all about education and advocacy.

It’s important to consider coverage costs and the amount of coverage you will need before deciding on a Which Type of Policy You Need. Another point to remember is your coverage needs will change as time goes by, your loved ones will age, your employment will change, health and finances fluctuate; keeping flexibility in mind is always a good idea.

A good Broker will recognize that a one size fits all solution is not the best way to serve their clients, which is why you should seek about a knowledgeable broker. These Points and many others are all important factors to think about when determining the type and amount of coverage that would be best for you. A licensed Life Insurance Agent will be able to walk you through the choices available and suggest solutions tailored to your unique circumstances.

Life Insurance is not only for people having kids or getting married, people of all ages will benefit from coverage. Some Folks consider being in their 60’s as too late to start looking for Life Insurance, but seniors in no way have missed the boat. There are many Life Insurance options available for the smart senior to protect their Legacy, Finances and families. Its true that life insurance is less expensive the earlier it is purchased, but the pros to have the right coverage definitely outweigh the cons.

Remember it isn’t about being overly insured, the goal is always to be properly insured. A licensed Insurance Broker can help you choose the right coverage for you, they work with the best companies available and can find you the most affordable coverage.

In closing, Happy Life Insurance Awareness Month. Be sure to find the best broker in town to educate and help you find the right solutions for all of your insurance needs.
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